Rocking Reviews was an idea I had to bring metal and rock fans an interesting site where they can discover new albums, bands and genres.

Although rock is far more mainstream in general, metal specially isn’t an accessible genre, it’s not that you get up one day and find it beautiful and expressive, but a process of listening carefully and getting used to the sound and the structures used. That’s why many times it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. But beyond that, there’s also great community of musicians, composers, singers, fans and independent labels who strive and put all their passion to make things keep going and create awesome music. And that’s the most important, that metal is first made from the heart. So that’s why this page is also my tribute to this music as a fan, because it has an important place in my life, has brought me hours and hours of enjoyment and inspiration.

Anyway, sometimes I’ll write here about more famous rock albums or about less well-known metal bands, and always will express my own opinion and my own taste on music, so don’t take them very seriously since I’m just an amateur far from being a professional music critic. Also, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistake I may make.